Body Work

Private sessions for wellbeing of body such as Structural Integration (also known as Rolfing) and Integrative Treatment (combination of therapy such as Shiatsu, Deep tissue massage, Holistic massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral therapy) I treat my clients from a holistic point of view and always include mind and its affect on our body. Every client is unique, therefore each session is co-created by both the therapist and the client to bring about a transformative experience.


One to one talking therapy for you to explore yourself in a safe, compassionate and non-judgemental environment. I believe that therapy is most effective when client and therapist work together as a team towards the purpose you would like to achieve. I offer Mindfulness based psychotherapy and Somatic Trauma Therapy.

Transformation Game®

Transformation Game® is a therapeutic board game designed to help individuals explore and work through personal issues, patterns, and emotions in a supportive and interactive setting. Through the game, players explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours related to these situations and work towards resolving them in a constructive way.


At CoCREATE the journey to discovering yourself is an interactive process between the client and therapist. In fact, no one knows where your “discomfort” comes from, but you.

I aim to work on various aspects of health with a holistic approach. I work with clients to explore their health by bringing awareness into the process of exploring their body-mind-soul. 

What is health and why happiness matters?

Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. But how we define health and what makes us happy depends on each person. My journey to answer the questions lead me to different places, both physically and psychologically.

Our body, mind, and soul are interconnected and continuously affecting each other.

A balanced, aligned, and relaxed body brings clarity to the mind.
A clear, calm, and compassionate mind facilitates healing in the body.
When the body and the mind are in harmony, the soul thrives.

I am here to support your journey.

Mari Morisawa

Founder , Therapist



What is workshop


Get extra care and attention for details and have more opportunities to ask questions

Totally hands on

Practice oriented. A lot of time on practical learning to make sure you embody what you learn

Eye opening experience

It is not only about learning new techniques but also expanding your perception.

What is Group session


Share your thoughts, experiences and insights with other people


Learn essential psychological knowledge and body awareness skills to understand how the body-mind-soul are actually one. Physical activities such as breathing and movement are used to embody the learning.


Develop your body-mind-soul awakens and Holisticbeing™ and how to apply this into your everyday life situation.


Five star technique, knowledge and best of all her personality! Very professional and discrete. Whenever I have treatment from her, my body and mind get so refreshed.   I am so lucky to know Mari!
Keiko H
Integrative Massage Client
Mari is one of only 3 therapists I have encountered over the past 40 years who truly has what I will call ‘the Healer’s Touch.’ They say animals have a Sixth Sense when it comes to people and ‘energy’ and I’ve certainly seen this first hand with Mari. When she would come to my house, our dog would go to the front door and with the door still closed, roll over on her back. She truly cares about her clients and their well being. I highly recommend her.
Leslie K
Integrative Massage Client
Working with Mari was a transformative experience.  She has really helped improve my posture and mobility dramatically.
Mike N
Structural Integration Client
Excellent therapist, knowledgeable, and caring! Hidden gem !
Structural Integration Client
I learnt a lot about my body, and felt much more aware of it. Her professionalism, friendliness, care, and enthusiasm made sure that what I learned from our sessions has remained with me, and as a result, I now feel much better in my own body.
Joao M
Structural Integration Client
Life changing experience!!!. Mari made me understand my own body, I’m a chef so I had lots back pain, from long hours of work, stress etc. I followed Mari’s instructions and magic happen. Highly recommend, this sessions really help!!!! “Stay in your head- you’re dead” unless you call Mari for help ❤️
Structural Integration Client
Under fortunate circumstances I've ended up playing the transformation game with another player facilitated by Mari. The transformation game gave me, unexpectedly, a tool box and a few new prospectives on my patterns and beliefs and how all of this can be re-written so that I'm better equipped to walk through life. Mari is a caring, calm and experienced therapist, I've enjoyed so much the game that I thought of purchasing the board, but I am sure the experience would have been completely different. As much as in life, we all need our own Virgilio, to suggest, reassest or simply hold the space. I would strongly suggest to give yourself a present and deepen the knowledge or discover first time your inner landscape through playing.
A. G
Transformation Game



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