Explore your body-mind-soul

We are holistic-beings.
Our body, mind, and soul are interconnected and continuously affecting each other.

A balanced, aligned, and relaxed body brings clarity to the mind.
A clear, calm, and compassionate mind facilitates healing in the body.
When the body and the mind are in harmony, the soul thrives.

I am here to support your journey.


Structural Integration, also known as Rolfing Structural Integration, is aiming to improve body alignment, posture and body-mind awareness. 

A variety of techniques such as Shiatsu, Deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release, Holistic massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy and Acupuncture are combined to create a unique treatment session tailored to your individual needs. Pregnancy Massage is also available. 

Psychological work

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy (Core Process Psychotherapy) is a one-to-one talking therapy that takes place in a safe and confidential environment and is used to explore clients’ issues and inquiries in life. 

Psychotherapy for treating Trauma and PTSD. 

Somatic Trauma Therapy technique is used to understand the mind-body connection. The therapy focuses on safe trauma recovery.

Group Work

Transformation Game® is a therapeutic board game designed to help individuals explore and work through personal issues, patterns, and emotions in a supportive and interactive setting.Through the game, players explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours related to these situations and work towards resolving them in a constructive way.

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Group Session

Therapeutic group work to learn important life skills such as: connecting our bodies and learning to listen; understanding how our mind works and why does it work in such a way; exploring the positive effects of vulnerability.

Session includes talks, meditation, breathing tecnique and movement practice.

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